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"After 250 hours of research and testing, including interviewing five baby wearing experts and walking over 100 miles in 15 wraps, slings, and meh dais, we think that the Gemlak Baby Carriers is the best"

  • Lily

[ This case is very versatile ]

I had to write to share our exceptional story about your waterproof iphone case. ! Last summer our son, Preston, and a friend were out kayaking to a place nearby called “skiers island”. He had his phone in a waterproof case with a neck lanyard. Accidentally, the phone made its way into the water. The kids and adults that were there scoured the river. Preston came home crying. Together, we searched some more to no avail. Preston paid the $250 lost phone fee and we moved on. Fast forward ONE YEAR AND TWO DAYS later to this morning. I was surfing Facebook and saw a post on our local city Facebook page. A family was fishing on skiers island with a $20 pink fishing rod and caught a phone. They cut off the case and placed it in rice for a few days and charged it- the phone turned right on but was locked. She was hoping to find its owner and posted her message. I messaged her the code to Preston’s phone on the off chance that it was miraculously found. Unbelievably, IT WAS PRESTONS PHONE!!! They kindly dropped it off at our home a short while later and the little girl was rewarded for her honestly and fine fishing skills. After they left, they shared via messenger that they recognized Preston from the morning that they caught the phone at skiers island. He and 2 friends were paddling there as a workout for water polo at the exact same time!!! What a crazy testament to our community, the iPhone case and the fact that the iphone has survived in the water in extreme temperature changes. Such an awesome story to share! Our local news station was contacted by multiple people to share this tory and they came and interviewed both families. Check out the new story here! Thanks for providing an excellent product! We are the owners of many cases now (With an extra floating strap) and have shared your direct link to friends and our community facebook page to buy them as well. We are believers! 

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