I live at home and I also have a studio, I work as a consultant and project, I write sites and blogs and I edit video and audio and I am used to closed headphones from which I never disconnect and I never want to detach. With the Calmor caps with the CALMOR 27db attenuation caps and this Procase 36db attenuation cap I am satisfied. I have to get used to the logic of silence that I had lost and lost for a short time, so much more correctly I would say. Silence and quiet, I have to find my natural rhythms and my heart has suffered a lot; Silence and quiet, tranquility found with satisfaction. Honors. Five Stars for headphones and how it is built and made, beautiful materials used for construction; I have been wearing it for a few minutes and I am feeling well, it does not weigh me compared to the other audio, it is only a little tight and in particular with eyeglasses and sunglasses I have to adapt a little and adapt, but it is a noise-canceling headset and oto-protective, I have a very sensitive hearing, very sensitive to the sounds and noises at the bottom of the last measurement scale, but I have to get used to and adapt to the oto-protective headphones and glasses and it is not and will not be tiring.

I am perfecting the environmental insulation with sound-absorbing tar-panels and plasterboard panels with sound-absorbing tar, I cannot keep the window open, indeed I must replace the external and internal windows and the security gates and mount them with anti-noise insulating glass and shielding and anti-heat and anti-cold, mount sound-absorbing panels on floors and ceilings. Difficult past days for the dilapidated, very noisy and very old city buses, I have a case in court for this with them.

At the first few that I am wearing it, apart from a little small peak although having it set to maximum it is a little tight, but I have to get used to it, it is quite comfortable and with the CALMOR 27db attenuation caps and this JOTO Procase 36db attenuation cap I say satisfied. 

I am used to keeping headphones in my head and ears for a long time, especially closed for audio-video editing and audio-video listening and monitoring, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Shure and Neumann, when I have to study I have to do it in silence and when I have need to rest I need to rest and in these days I have missed a lot of rest and quiet and it has

been taken away a lot for the noises that were made, facts that went for a long time and it is not possible to tolerate further. The question regards more modern and more old buses and the problem is the noise of the functionment of the engines and the pneumatic suspensions and gears, more old buses is hard, but this attenuation cap and oto-protective headphones the problem is resolved so good, other problems is work of gardens and agricolture and traffick for the continuos passage of the motorcycles of higher power engines and velocity.

Thank you with gratefullness and Good Evening from Italy. 

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