7 brands create a comprehensive life protection experience

Built on a foundation of product, ProCase has embraced a multi-field development strategy, enriching our product portfolio with diverse offerings. Our brands (including sub-brands) now span 7 different domains, ensuring a comprehensive protection experience for users across all aspects of life.

Comprehensive Protection Brand 

Focusing on 3C Accessories

Professional Water Protective Equipment Brand

Jewelry/Beauty Storage Brand

Fashion Homeware Brand

Fashionable Pet Products Brand

Children's Toy & Entertainment Products Brand

Office Use Collection Brand

We're Pros in Protection

Every product embodies the essence of a cherished life

Rooted in the value of life, ProCase stands as the guardian of a better life

In the past decade, smart devices have been developing rapidly and gradually occupying people's lives in many ways. While these devices hold immense value for consumers, concerns about damage and careful handling can often overshadow the user experience. Recognizing this, ProCase is committed to addressing these issues and enhancing the overall smart device experience. We've meticulously crafted a series of protective solutions spanning smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more, all under the banner of "protection case."

At ProCase, cherishing life isn't just an attitude – it's a product philosophy ingrained in every design. We've woven the essence of life into each product, safeguarding the beauty of life for every user.

Over the past decade, ProCase has emerged as a leader in mobile electronic device protection, expanding our product range beyond electronics to jewelry storage, beauty storage, outdoor, home, pet and other fields. With millions of users entrusting us with their well-being, ProCase continues to innovate, providing a holistic protection experience.