What is the Right Hearing Protection for You?

Noise is everywhere. Some can be pleasant while others can be harmful. According to the recommended exposure limits (RELs) established by NIOSH, “the REL for occupational noise exposures to be 85 decibels, A-weighted (dB[A]) as an 8-hour time-weighted average. Exposures at or above this level are considered hazardous.” To protect your hearing, you could, at first, measure the noise levels with the NIOSH Sound Level Meter app, or the like. Then you have to consider if the environment around you is nicely or poorly ventilated, and if your hands get dirty easily.

There are different types of ear protection devices, such as foam or pre-molded earplugs, canal caps, and safety earmuffs. Generally speaking, foam/pre-molded earplugs and canal caps are tiny and handy, so they are always readily available for unexpected noises with lower decibels, while safety earmuffs are relatively bulkier and perfect for noises with higher decibels. Moreover, they could be used together as double hearing protection.

Great for noise sensitivity

They work really well. They're comfortable. They drown out the sound yet you can hear someone standing next to you speaking.
  • Ashley Rodriguez

Normally, earplugs and canal caps are great for poorly ventilated environment, and you should keep your hands clean when putting them into the ear. On the contrary, earmuffs are ideal for nicely ventilated environment since they cover your ears completely, and it does not matter whether your hands are clean as they are easy to put on or take off.

The last thing to know is that each pair of hearing protectors has a certain Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) which reflects how many decibels such protectors could reduce. For example, under a 100 decibels noisy background, a pair of hearing protectors with a 30 NRR could reduce the noises to 70 decibels, provided that you wear the hearing protectors correctly. Remember that in extremely hot or cold conditions, the noise reduction effect could be compromised, and make sure you are comfortable when wearing hearing protectors and replace a new pair once they wore out.

                            With the information above, you are now free to choose the right hearing protectors.

These Are Nice For Adults. There Are Multiple Colors And Styles To Choose From. Thanks To The Thickened Noise-Dampening Foam And The Foldable Design, they Are Perfect For Shooting, Hunting, Woodworking, Or Mowing.

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These Are Wonderful For Kids. With The Vibrant Colors And Stylish Design, They Are Great For Teens When Studying, Watching Fireworks, Or Attending Sport Events.

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These Are Fantastic For Babies. Because Of The Super Lightweight And Ultra Soft Design, They Are Friendly To Babies And Work Great On Airplane Flights, Or Monster Jam.

There Is One More Type We Would Like To Recommend -- Headphones With AM/FM Radio And Bluetooth 5.0. The Multifunctional Hearing Protectors Feature Active Noise Cancellation And Allow You To Listen To Music Or The Radio As Well. It Is Perfect For People Who Are Comfortable With Technology.

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For the differences between passive noise reduction and active noise cancellation, you could refer to our previous blog -- Need To Know: Noise & Hearing Protection.